Reporter. is a four piece rock band that passionately pumps out classic and contemporary rock and pop with a heapin'’ helpin'’ of fun!

Reporter. With a period. That's the way we've spelled it since we first started making music in 1982. We started out playing high energy power pop and sixties tunes with a little bit of offbeat humor thrown in here and there to keep things interesting. That same basic recipe has served us well over the last couple of decades and we've remained fairly true to it since. Of course, as one would hope, we've grown along the way and our selection of music has as well. Along with the basic recipe stuff, we play everything from Sinatra to Santana. Depending on the venue, type of event, mood of the crowd and alignment of the planets, we can adjust our set list to a wide variety of situations. Experience has its benefits. If you're looking for a band that can deliver a respectable, cogent and palatable range of high quality rock and roll music with an attitude that unabashedly requests you take the world a little less seriously, then Reporter. is the band for you. Period.